Sir Ian McKellen is in China this week, and we've got the pictures to prove it.

Yesterday, the legendary Academy Award-nominated British actor of Lord of the Rings fame was spotted at the People's Square Marriage Market, AKA the spot that was at the center of that powerful SK-II Leftover Women ad from earlier this year.
昨天,这位因《指环王》而获得奥斯卡提名的英国传奇男演员现身人民广场相亲角——也就是今年早些时候SK-II广告中汇聚了诸多内心强大的大龄剩女的那个地方 。

In one photo circulating on social media, Gandalf McKellen was shown holding a sign showing off his credentials.

Another image showed him holding a sign with a classic Shakespeare quote ("Love Looks Not With the Eyes, But With the Mind").

And here he is at the Bund, with this classic quote from The Tempest:"We are such stuff as dreams are made on."

Sir Ian was also spotted in Beijing last week. He was snapped getting his tourist on at the Summer Palace, Great Wall and Forbidden City, sporting signs with Shakespeare quotes at each spot.

McKellen is in town for the Shanghai International Film Festival, as part of the British Film Institute (BFI)'s co-curated Shakespeare on Film showcase. (He'll be giving a talk later today about his role in 1995's Richard III). Shakespeare on Film is a collection of films showing how British cinema has transformed and reimagined Shakespeare's work. As a recipient of every major theatrical award in the UK, Ian has been praised as one of the greatest Shakespearean actors of our time.

Ian McKellen said:"400 years on, Shakespeare's plays continue to dominate stages worldwide, mostly of course in translation, challenging actors, directors, designers and audiences. The BFI's Shakespeare on Film is more than just timely, it is a glimpse of the matchless collection of brilliant endeavour from world-beating Shakespeare experts whose films have popularised over the years. Their theatre-roots are evident. They have respect for the text and cut lines with regret. Other directors have successfully translated the stage plays for the screen, aiming, perhaps to make great cinema rather than great Shakespeare." Ian's impressive career spans six decades during which he has appeared in over half of Shakespeare's plays, on stage and on screen.

Last night, he made his stage and TV debut in China at the festival's opening ceremony to perform Seven Ages of Man with Jiao Huang.